How to Measure Your Bedroom for Furniture

How to measure my bedroom for furniture?


Planning to revamp your bedroom with new furniture? Proper measurements are the key to ensuring a well-organized, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing space. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the essential steps to measure your bedroom accurately for furniture. Whether you're considering a new bed, wardrobe, or nightstand, these tips will help you make informed choices that fit seamlessly into your room.

Gather Your Tools
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Before you start measuring, gather the necessary tools: a measuring tape, a pen or pencil, and a notepad or digital device to record your measurements. Having these items on hand will make the process more efficient.

Create a Floor Plan

Begin by creating a rough floor plan of your bedroom. You don't need to be an artist; a simple sketch will suffice. Include all the existing furniture, windows, doors, and any architectural features like built-in closets or alcoves. This sketch will serve as a visual reference for your measurements.

Measure the Dimensions

Start by measuring the room's dimensions:

a. Length and Width: Measure the length and width of the room along the longest and widest walls. Record these measurements separately.

b. Ceiling Height: Measure the height of the ceiling from the floor to the highest point. Ceiling height is essential, especially when considering tall furniture like wardrobes or bookshelves.

Note the Location of Doors and Windows

Measure and record the width and height of any doors and windows in the room. Also, note their positions in relation to the walls. This information is crucial when placing furniture, as you'll need to ensure there's enough clearance for doors to open and windows to remain unobstructed.

Identify Obstacles and Clearances

Take note of any obstacles in the room, such as radiators, outlets, or heating vents. Measure their height from the floor and their distance from the walls. Additionally, measure the clearances around these obstacles to ensure your furniture will fit comfortably.

Determine the Function of the Room

Consider how you intend to use the bedroom. Is it solely a sleeping space, or do you also want to incorporate a workspace, seating area, or dressing area? Knowing the room's function will help you decide which types of furniture to include and where to place them.

Measure Existing Furniture

If you plan to keep some of your existing furniture, measure their dimensions as well. This will help you decide whether they can be integrated into the new layout or if they need to be replaced.

Account for Walkways and Clearances

Maintain adequate clearances between furniture pieces and around the bed. A general rule of thumb is to leave at least 24-36 inches of space around the bed for easy movement. Consider the flow of traffic within the room, ensuring that you can move comfortably from one area to another.

Consider the Furniture's Scale and Style

When shopping for furniture, check the dimensions provided by the manufacturer and compare them to your room's measurements. Consider the scale of the furniture in relation to the room's size to avoid overcrowding or making the space feel too empty. Additionally, select furniture that complements your bedroom's style and decor.


Accurate measurements are crucial when selecting furniture for your bedroom. By following these steps and creating a comprehensive floor plan, you can make informed decisions that ensure your new furniture fits seamlessly into your space. Taking the time to measure your bedroom properly will result in a well-designed and functional bedroom that meets your needs and reflects your personal style.

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