How to Choose the Right Bedside Table

How to choose the right bedside table?


Selecting the perfect bedside table is not just about finding a convenient spot to place your nighttime essentials; it's also an opportunity to add a touch of style and functionality to your bedroom. Whether you're redesigning your bedroom or simply looking for a fresh addition, this blog post will guide you through the process of choosing the right bedside table.

Consider Your Bed Size and Layout
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Before you start shopping for a bedside table, take a good look at your bedroom's layout and your bed's size and height. Ideally, your bedside table should be roughly the same height as your mattress, making it easy to access your belongings from bed. If you have a high-profile bed, consider taller nightstands, and if you have a low-profile bed, opt for shorter ones.

Determine Your Storage Needs

Different bedside tables offer varying amounts of storage. Think about what you need to store within arm's reach. If you're an avid reader, you might want a nightstand with a drawer or shelf for books or magazines. If you have a lot of small items, like remotes or chargers, consider a table with multiple compartments or drawers to keep things organized.

Match Your Bedroom Decor

Your bedside table should seamlessly blend with your bedroom decor. If you have a modern, minimalist bedroom, go for a sleek and simple design with clean lines. For a more rustic or traditional space, opt for wood or antique-inspired nightstands. Don't forget to consider the color and finish of the bedside table to ensure it complements your room's palette.

Think About Size and Scale

The size of your bedside table should be proportionate to the available space and your bed. It shouldn't overwhelm the room or look too small next to a king-sized bed. Measure the space beside your bed to determine the ideal width and depth for your nightstand. Remember that it's okay to have different-sized nightstands for a more eclectic look, as long as they coordinate well.

Consider Material and Durability

Bedside tables come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and more. Each material has its unique aesthetic and durability. Wooden nightstands are classic and sturdy, while metal or glass tables can lend a contemporary or industrial feel. Consider your lifestyle and how much wear and tear the table is likely to endure when choosing the material.

Think About Functionality

Besides storage, think about other functions your bedside table can serve. Some nightstands come with built-in USB charging ports, which can be incredibly convenient for charging your devices overnight. Additionally, consider whether you want a table with an open shelf for displaying decor items or a closed cabinet for discreet storage.

Budget Wisely

Like any furniture purchase, set a budget for your bedside table. Prices can vary greatly depending on the material, brand, and features. While it's essential to invest in quality if possible, there are budget-friendly options that still offer style and functionality.


Choosing the right bedside table is a crucial step in creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bedroom. By considering factors such as size, storage, style, material, and functionality, you can find the perfect bedside table that complements your decor and enhances your bedroom's overall ambiance. So, take your time, explore different options, and make an informed decision to ensure your bedside table meets both your practical and design needs.

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